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You know how they say you should read the instructions before doing something. Yeah...I need to get back into that habbit.

Yesterday was a productive day for me. Got all three Dark Eldar Raiders and the Ravager put together.

There are flaws though. 3 of the four vehicles do not have moving rudders. It took me to the last one where I learned the right amount of glue to hold the part around it closed without any of the glue leaking into it. I will interject here that the curved hull of the ship is a little hard to get fully closed at all points. I did a decent job on most of them but the bow and stern have a seam you can see on a couple of them.

When I was putting together the first one a week ago I remember not knowing where the steering mechanism for the rudder went. Then Rob showed me that I missed a step (this is where reading would come in handy). So I went back and put that on. It seemed a little (very) high so I angled it down some to where it would blance out with the other controls. So didn't miss anything there.

After getting most of the second one done then I decided to work on the last Raider and Ravager at the same time. They had the same hull and most of the same parts so I thought it would be fine to work on them together. On the third Raider it started raining a lot so while holding the piece I had just glued I went to the window to see the rain, and as I was there the top part fell off and the cross beam that attached to the main stearing mechanism went down an air vent. Luckily I was able to pull off the grate and rescue it from the air vent. It had some fuzz on it, but was able to attach it.

Now on the Ravager everything went fine...until the end. Just like I knew the rudder stearing mechanizm went on somewhere, there was a cross beam for the gun sponsons that I knew would go on somewhere but I couldn't find where. Looking back at the instructions (which were in front of me all the time) I noticed that just like that piece I had missed a step where it was added. The bad thing was this cross beam went in the same spot as the cross beam piece that the Raider used (the one that fell down) and thus I'd already glued the wrong piece in place! Unable to get it to come apart I broke off the two sides of the beam and then used my plastic cutters to dig a trench in the part that was glued and not coming out. At this time I realized I didn't have a way to drill a hole where it needed to go so I cut off the bottom of the 'T' part of the Ravager cross beam and then set it in there. It fit! But without the pole to steady it, it rocked back and forth and had no stability. So I accepted the loss and then glued the two ends of it to the two gun sponsons on the sides. So now it was stable but now the side sponsons couldn't spin around.

After these were all done I started working on the people to put on the ship. (Gunners/pilots) And that's when I realized that there was a reason the rudder stearing mechanizm was so high...that's where the pilots had was modled to go. So on all four ships his hand is in the air above the controls. Oops.

All in all though they came out really well and I put two extras on each ship.
Raider 1) Two Dark Eldar hanging on weilding daggers.
Raider 2) Two Dark Eldar hanging on weilding spears.
Raider 3) Two Dark Eldar hanging on weilding guns.
Ravager) Two extra gunners, one manning each of the sponsons.

Also by having the Ravager box it gave new rudder and sail options which is nice because all four vehicles each have a different style of sail. So I'm pleased with them even though they could be better (and I will all the rudders and sponsons were able to spin, but live and learn).

And read the instructions fully before starting a project!
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