Shinjo Bob (evildennis) wrote,
Shinjo Bob

Pulling the plugs (or at least needing to)

I don't know why I can't seem to cut those cords.

First - phone. The only people that call me on my home line are sometimes Dan and sometimes my parents. (because sometimes I forget my cell and thus don't hear it, I need to get better at keeping it with me) So there really is no reason for me to keep a land line. (Was also told I can port my number to googlevoice for a free service.)

Next - TV. I've been debating this one ever since Direct TV dropped G4. At that time it was to drop Direct TV and move to U-Verse. But with the hassles I've had lately with Direct TV and watching my viewing habits, it is not cost effective to pay that much to watch 1-2 hours a week. (We've used the same arguement for MMOs and they cost a lot less than TV service.)

So I really need to drop both of these. Just need to see if I can actually follow through with it this time.
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