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I think today is the day of rants.

1) Harry Potter Final Movie
2) NFL
3) State of Anime

1) I was actually disappointed with the last Harry Potter movie and truthfully am glad the series is finally at an end.

Don't get me wrong, it was a good movie, but there were things that I just really didn't like. First and probably my biggest gripe is all the Harry Potter Fans. Mostly the ones that read the books. When the final book came out everyone was 'OMG a major character died, but we're not going to tell you who to spoil it'. Maybe the movie deviated from the book in that regard, but not a single one of the three major characters died. And I was expecting one or more of them to.

Harry - It would've made an epic tale if Harry and Voldemort ended up killing each other.
Ron - I would've been a little disappointed if it was him since 'the best friend' dying is so cliche.
Hermine - There were numerous times I think they could've killed her off but they chose not to in order to have a 'happy ending'.

And I got the impression the actors were happy this was coming to the end. In a few 'ending' scenes (esp the one on the bridge where they were all standing together) the characters (or actors) looked bored and relieved. And you know the audience will take those reactions and run with the fake ending I was 'bored'. The actual ending was a time skip and I'm glad they put that in there otherwise I would've ended up 'bored' with the series. From there they did an 'okay' job of 'aging' the characters but in my mind only Harry looked 19 years older. Since them at 19 years older would be older than me and I know how me and my friends look and we've aged a lot since we were 19.

I do think there would've been some better endings.

1) Harry and Voldamort karmic striking themselves. That would've been the most epic ending in my mind.
2) Harry becoming the new guardian of magic like Dumbledor. Harry had possession of the resurection stone, the wand of the elders and the cloak of invisibility just like Dumbledor did at the start of the series. But instead he said he didn't need power, broke the wand, but kept the other two...okay, if you're going to give up power, get rid of ALL of them, not just one.
3) More people dying. From all the fangirls/boys of the series I expected a lot more death. I'd been told that in the books these 'minor/bit' characters that died had bigger roles. IF SO THEN THEY SHOULD'VE GIVEN THEM BIGGER ROLES IN THE MOVIE! I was told to do that they would've needed to split up all the books into two movies each. 14 Harry Potter movies would be a tad too much. So maybe they DIDN'T NEED TO MAKE THIS ONE TWO PARTS. I mean come on. We had 30 minutes of them 'camping' last movie. Which did nothing for plot or character development! It was just boring! If you cut that out, trimmed out a little more you could've had one three hour movie and been done with it.

In the end I guess this just points out the old addage books > movies and all movie adaptations of books have inherent flaws.

II. I have a proposal for the NFL.

You think you're the big fish in the market and that fans want more NFL. Well, let's maximize the NFL then.

First, start the season in May. Right after the draft, new players graduate and have to come up to speed really quick. Have the season run 10 months, May to February. But each team only plays 3 games a month so they don't get tired out. This way you have 30 games in the season. Have each team play the other three teams in their division twice for 6 games. Then play each team in their conference once for 12 more games. And then play three other divisions in the other conference for the last 12 games. Each team will play 27 different teams out of the 31 different teams they can each year!

Then with the season ending in February you can do the playoffs in March. The big reason for this is so you can take down the NCAA basketball tournament. If you can do that then you truly are the top dog of all sports. Have the Super Bowl the first weekend in April and then the Draft at the end of April and then start up your season again in May! Perfect solution so you can have football all year round! And all the games not under current contract you can put on the NFL network, so you could have 14 of the 30 games exclusive to you.

However in actuality this is not what the fans want. Its not what the players want. We like things they way they are and just wish prices were cheaper. Most working people aren't getting raises in the economy and we'd support you more if things were cheaper.

I can honestly say with this strike/lockout I'm sick of the politics of football and am losing interest in the NFL, and should the schedule change to an 18 game season I'm totally out.

III. I'm old.

Back in my day there was a timeline for anime.
1) Anime came out in Japan
2) Fansubbers made this available to fans
3) Fans ate it up and talked about a show
4) Studio picked it up and began working on it
5) Show was released domestically
6) Fans ate it up and talked about it.

1) Anime comes out in Japan
2) Studio picks it up and releases it
3) Fans eat it up and talk about it.

There seems to be a lot less time from when things come out in Japan that they are released over here. I'm happy for that in I get to see things faster, but in a way it shortens the life-span of a lot of anime. In the past each Anime had two surges. The first when it was released and word of mouth got it in the fans hearts. The second when a year or two later it was finally released domestically and the fans were all excited about it.

With the way the internet is fans can watch good quality recordings and subs right after they come out in Japan. Then when the domestic release happens (which is must shorter than it was in the past) people aren't as excited about it because they already saw it and it doesn't feel 're-new'.

I'm glad things come out quickly. But at the same time it just feels like things are being rushed out and there is no excitement time of waiting like you do on christmas eve. Or maybe that's just how people are nowadays. They fire and forget wanting to move on to the next show as soon as possible and not savor the shows that do make it over.
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