Shinjo Bob (evildennis) wrote,
Shinjo Bob



Life is busy.

About one month ago was the Ard Boyz tournament. I took 2nd at our store. This qualified me for the next round. I debated about going or not. Logic said don't go. But I asked around and logic got thrown out the window.

I spent a year's budget of 40k stuff in a month and worked on getting a competitive list rather than my 'fun' lists.

I had a night to try out a mini-version of that list three times and learned more about it.

And then put everything on hold. I haven't touched 40k in two weeks due to live stuff going on. 'cause that's what life does. goes on. Between heading down to AFest in Dallas and Gayle visiting from Corpus, things have not moved at all.

At least I have my list, I'm borrowing Rob's carrier so I can take the army up to Omaha, but I still need to put together three vehicles. So I have a feeling this week (Wed night) I'll be putting them together. Packing on Thursday and then heading out on Friday.

As you can tell, I'm very not ready for this tournament. Mindset is not there, figures are not ready. I should've listened to my logic, so hopefully it will be a fun time.

Another thing in the back of my mind was to maybe visit family in Omaha while I was there, but since I'm with a group of people and not a driver um...I don't think that will be happening.

Hopefully I'm not burning myself out of 40k. I don't think that I am, but I do know that after this tournament I need to take a break from new things on it and just use what I have and play for the fun of playing.
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