Shinjo Bob (evildennis) wrote,
Shinjo Bob

Year of the Dragon Update

Today is the first day of the year of the dragon.

doesn't feel that different to me. Although I guess I should be sad that we just left the year of the rabbit, which is my year.

But that's not what I'm here to type about. I'm here to blog, 'rar'!

I've been doing very good at picking the winners for the NFL playoffs. But very bad at the teams I want to win winning. ; ;

And I'm very disappointed with a Giants/Patriots super bowl. I feel like I've already seen this one. In 2008 maybe. And they already played once this year with the Giants winning. (Patriots haven't lost a game since they lost to the Giants.) And the Giants have a reputation of a 'giant killer' team.

I'd normally be going for the Giants because of the underdog status, but at the same time this is the first 9 win team to make a super bowl. And if this trend continues I think it leaves a black mark on the NFL regular season saying you don't have to be the best team in the league, you just have to be the best team in Dec/Jan. And if that's the case then why is the NFL wanting to expand to 18 games?!? So they can have an 8 and 10 team win the Super Bowl because it got hot late in the year?

So I'm not going to really root for either team 'cause I kinda hope they both lose, but I think the Giants are going to win.

Video Games
I can honestly say I'm happy that Diablo III has been pushed back. I was not looking forward to Mass Effect 3 and Diablo III coming out the same week. And then I just learned that Hyperdimentional Neptunia mk2 comes out that week as well. >< Although looking at HNmk2 it doesn't draw me as much as the first did. I'm sure it's improved and just as fun, but it can wait until after ME3.

Speaking of ME3...even though it's on all platforms now, the Xbox version is still king. For one major reason...importing of save files. I went to go look for an Xbox collectors edition and couldn't find one. I had to go to EA (Origins) to order one. But it makes since that most people will want to continue their version of Shepard and you can only do that if you get it for the console you started it on.

Soul Calibur V snuck up on me. It comes out next week, and it wasn't even on my radar at all. Looking at it, I'm not sure what to think. I'm happy this is a storyline that has kept advancing over the years. But they did take out my favorite character who'd been in there since the first game, Taki. Sure, they added her apprentice, but I'm thinking it won't be the same. I still would like the game, but it's not one I want to jump up and down and 'have' to get right when it comes out.

I looked at the preorders for SC5 and even those seemed lack luster. Best Buy got you a character from one of the other games in their universe (that I'd never heard of) and Gamestop got you an Ivy bobblehead. Ivy...bobblehead...yeah. No interest.

I saw a poster for Tales of Graces and was excited since I hadn't heard of the next Tales game coming over here. Then I looked and it said 12/31/2012...which means they didn't really have a date.

Speaking of other things I saw, I saw the FFXIV collector's edition for only $20. >< The game that never got off the ground.

In my mind I 'beat' Skyrim (on the PC) even with still finding some 'bugs'. I have to say that game did live up to all the hype and was a fantastic game and I'm very glad I moved to PC version to play through it. I say I beat the game not just because I finished the main storyline, but I went through and got all the achievements for the game as well.

I do have to agree with others that sneak/arrows was easy mode (so was smithing/enchanting at 100). Because when I tried conjurer mage it just didn't feel as fun. Jon said his 'sneak mage' was having a hard time killing things later on because damage wasn't scaling. So don't know if I'll do any other playthroughs on it, or if it will turn into a putz around game. But for those that haven't played it, I'd say give it a shot, it was a wonderful game.

There are other updates. My car hit a deer on Jan 2. But it's back and working again. I'm ahead of previous years in getting ready for Akon larp, but still behind in that the stuff I need to get done for the deadlines of staying ahead isn't happening.

Still playing Cosmic Break and TF2 at random times. (Although bummed out that I wasn't able to get a B.M.O.C. in TF2. I'd rather have that over the treasure hat.)

Still at my job even though the tasks that I do are changing. Been here 13 years (14 in June).

I'd say this next year is looking up with still more changes in store. Won't elaborate on them yet, but I think the people involved know what is going on.

So to everyone else, happy year of the dragon!
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